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Pliny's DovesThe aim of this book is to present a concise and yet clear introduction to a complex subject such as that of mosaics. It is not an academic publication, rather it should be regarded as a first step into a magical world: the reader is invited to follow and understand the long path of this millenary art which has in the course of the centuries produced remarkable masterpieces, many of which we are luckily still able to admire today.

Standing in front of any given mosaic (and indeed there is such a large variety of them), we cannot but stop and muse on the beauty and meaning these works want to convey to us. Design, materials, technical skills, not least patience, all aimed at the production of works that capture our imagination and arouse in us admiration and awe.

It is certain that there is today a renewed interest in this form of art as old as mankind, an art that obviously has evolved throughout the centuries both in technique, materials, and contents. The most famous personage that we know of and who was enthralled by the beauty of mosaics was Julius Caesar. According to the Latin writer Svetonius, even during his war campaigns, the dictator brought with him mosaic emblemata (Svetonius, Divus Julius 46).

In reading these pages the visitors who, having fallen in love with this art will bring home a mosaic bought in Rome or in other cities, will certainly appreciate more fully the work that will later adorn his house and in which the artist has literally infused "piece by piece" his energy, creating or re-creating new and ancient splendours.

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