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You will want to stay in this place forever!
Once owned by the Borghese family, the collection is housed in the two-storey villa at the edge of the park of the same name.Its rooms are filled with priceless works.Among others are to be admired Bernini's Apollo and Daphne, David and the celebrated Canova's Paolina Borghese.

One of the rooms is completely dedicated to Caravaggio.
This tour needs to be booked well in advance, as we need to make a reservation with the Gallery. No photos are allowed and bags have to be left in the cloak-room. This is a half-day tour.


- This "quadreria" or picture gallery is still privately owned by the Colonna family and is precisely a wing of their palazzo in the city centre, minutes away from the ruins of the Roman Forum. It is recorded that a distinguished French traveller on visiting the gallery exclaimed "Versailles vanishes compared to this"!"... We cannot but agree with him!

This tour can only be arranged for a Saturday morning, the only time the premises are open to the public.


- Another privare collection housed in the family palazzo off Via del Corso.The visit will lead you into an ambience
of beauty,elegance and taste
. Caravaggio's "Flight to Egypt" is perhaps the most famous piece in the collection. Half-day tour.


- Located just a few yards away from Piazza Navona. Its rooms house famous pieces of classical art such as the Ludovisi Throne, the statue of Ares said to be the best ever made of the god of war and the group of the Gaul dying with his wife. We will conclude the visit with a short walk to the Pantheon,the oldest best preserved building of ancient Rome. Half -day tour.


-. These are the oldest museums in the world, a collection started by Pope Sixtus IV as early as the XV century.Located on top of the Capitol Hill, the visit also takes us into the Tabularium (State Archive) from where a breathtaking view of the Roman Forum will open in front of your eyes. Do not panic if you will suffer by now from the
Stendhal syndrome! If you wish,after a light lunch, the visit can continue with a walk through the Roman Forum and the Colosseum.In this case the tour will be considered a full day.


- This tour can be tailored according to your own interests. It can include the statues collection, Raphael's Rooms , the Sistine Chapel or the Pinacoteca (picture gallery). A visit of the Vatican Gardens can also be arranged if booked early. This visit can last a half-day or a full day,according to individual interests and stamina!

To book or to enquire about costs and other information send an e-mail to


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